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Acupuncture Treatment

It is important to understand that Acupuncture (and Traditional Chinese Medicine in general) is not "folk medicine". It is a highly developed, systematic, recorded, researched, and peer reviewed form of medicine with several disciplines that continues to evolve. It has a massive amount of real-world data to justify the application of techniques based on several thousand years of human trials.

Acupuncture points and the methods used to treat them can vary widely depending upon the diagnosis as well as the school of acupuncture in which one is trained. Since the traditions of acupuncture have come to the West through teachers from many nations, styles and techniques of treatment vary accordingly.

Treatment methods may include very shallow or deeper insertion of needles or, in some cases, just holding the needle so that it touches the surface of the skin without actual insertion. The needles may or may not be held, twisted, moved in and out, flicked with the fingernail, or retained at varying depths for moments or minutes at a time depending upon what effect is desired. Needles may be left in place for just a few seconds or up to 40 minutes or even more.

Needles vary in thickness, but most acupuncturists use between 30 (medium) and 40 (extremely fine) gauge needles. Most are made of stainless steel but may also be made of gold, silver, copper, or zinc. They may be between 1/4 inch and 5 or 6 inches long depending upon the body area being needled and the effect being sought. There are also tiny needles (1 mm) called interdermal needles which may be inserted, taped in place, and left in the body at strategic spots for up to one week, usually to aid in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

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