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Success Stories from Clients

Discover what men and women in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Campbell, Santa Cruz and Monterey are saying about "A New Day Healing Arts".

Beyond the physical

"Jacquelyn Lorell is a compassionate Licensed Acupuncturist who uses her intuition to connect with your body in order to facilitate healing at the deepest levels. Jacquelyn combines her years of professional education and work experience with a metaphysical perspective in her practice. Her work goes beyond the physical to include healing at the emotional and mental levels as well."

Bonnie Coleen, Host, Seeing Beyond Talk Radio

A personal sanctuary and refuge

"Jacquelyn Lorell has been my personal acupuncturist for over 8 years. Her work consistently calms my body and mind allowing for healing to take place. Jacquelyn is a compassionate, dedicated healer who maintains a high level of personal integrity and professionalism.

Her office is a sanctuary, it is a pleasure to take refuge there. The peace and integration that follows a treatment by Jacquelyn allows me to gracefully maintain a strenuous overbooked schedule of family, work and travel. I am grateful to be a patient in her practice."

Deborah Bodine, Executive Director, West Region of Natural Nutritional Foods, Scotts Valley, CA

The perfect combination

"Jacquelyn has many gifts for all of us. She brings vision, warmth, and her heart to all her work. It is the perfect combination of what we all need: clarity, humor, talent and caring. Jacquelyn knows what she's doing, and does it well. And it works!"

Michael, Attorney at Law, Monterey

Pampered treatment

"Having a treatment at Jacquelyn's Campbell office is just like going to a spa. I feel bathed in a warm flowing energy. My husband and I have appointments at the same time in separate treatment rooms. The convenience and location make for a stress-free and relaxing experience, just like being at a spa."

L.R., Fremont, CA

From empty...to fulfilled

"When I first started with Jacquelyn, I had no experience with acupuncture. I felt as if my soul had left my body and I was an empty vessel, walking around without purpose, almost like a zombie. It took several weeks before I began feeling more centered and alive. Now I feel better than my old self and happier than I have been for a long time."

Rose Marie Carver, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Campbell, CA

Client of 10 years

"Jacquelyn has been my special friend and healing angel for the past 10 years. She has helped me to create a peaceful and positive space in a world of stress and uncertainty. Her sensitivity, intuitive nature and gentle touch enhance the acupuncture experience."

Lois L., San Jose

Miraculous treatments

"I have been coming to Jacquelyn for three years and I can't imagine not having her miraculous treatments in my life. Jacquelyn has pulled me through some traumatic emotional occurrences as well as some health issues with her powerful healing treatments."

Bobbie C., Special Education Teacher, San Jose

Monthly tune-ups

"I have been seeing Jacquelyn for the past two years for monthly "tune-up" sessions for the purpose of maintaining optimal well-being. It is a collaborative process. I let her know my body-wisdom needs and I trust Jacquelyn to complete my requests with her own guidance and expertise. These monthly visits have allowed my body to sustain an improved sense of balance and inner harmony, and decreased illnesses with quicker recovery."

R.H., Family Nurse Practitioner

Nurturing space

"My time with Jacquelyn has been a space for "nurturing" me forward on my path. Her touch is truly "my pause for the cause"."

D.P., San Jose

Fulfilling and enriching

"I have gone to numerous readings in my home country. My readings with Jacquelyn have been a fulfilling and enriching experience. She has a special way of transmitting messages our angels want us to know and experience. Her messages provide useful information to create or improve our conscious mind, helping guide our steps in the path we have chosen to live."

Alice, Spanish Education Student, San Jose, CA

Acupuncture and pregnancy

Hello Love!  I hope this is OK - my mind is going a million miles per hour on so many things!

My journey with Jacquelyn has opened me up to many new and exciting possibilities and experiences! Like many people, I am terrified of needles. How can you even consider acupuncture if you are afraid of needles, you ask? The difference is Jacquelyn! We talked about my concerns, and I became completely comfortable with her as a practitioner. She is a genuinely kind, caring, and gentle woman. Her technique is just as gentle as her nature.  Once I was past the fear of the needles and experienced the benefits of the treatments, I was hooked! Jacquelyn has treated me for chronic digestive problems, weak liver and pancreas and related anemia, painful menstrual periods, stress, colds and flu, and finally my very rough pregnancy.

All of my treatments have helped me in more ways than I can ever dream of detailing here, but most importantly, I want women to know there are treatments and resources available to them that can help them through their pregnancy (and life in general!). I experienced depression, immense stress from my full-time job, and especially the terrible nausea, heartburn, and vomiting. The treatments with Jacquelyn were my sanctuary from the turmoil my body was going through. I would leave her office clear, grounded, and renewed of mind and body. Acupuncture has taught me to quiet myself, center my energy and thoughts, and to use visualization to help my body heal itself. I gave birth, at home, without fear or anxiety, to a healthy baby boy. Jacquelyn has given me the gift of knowing myself better, by teaching me how to tune into the happenings and energy of my own body. Thank you Jacquelyn!

Love, Deb Pearson

No more colds

When I began seeing Jacquelyn over 15 months ago, I didnít really have a specific problem that I was trying to fix, but more of a vague feeling of discomfort. I knew I wasnít healthy, but I couldnít figure out why. I seemed to get every cold or sickness that passed by, and I was never far from a supply of ibuprofen. Even the vitamins I took didnít seem to help. A friend suggested acupuncture, and I figured, why not?

Fifteen months later, I can attest to the fact that I have had not ONE cold, not ONE round of flu, and my frequent, intense headaches have tapered off dramatically. I am no longer someone to whom people say ďare you sick AGAIN?Ē  I had no idea when I first started getting acupuncture that the results would be so dramatic. And the better I feel, the more inclined I am to take care of myself. Finally, a cycle that isnít vicious!

I believe that the methods of acupuncture are directly responsible for these tangible results, and Jacquelyn and her talents are now an integral part of my personal health care program.

Katy Haun, Graphic Designer

A breath of fresh air...

Jacquelyn is a breath of fresh and healing air... spending time in her gentle and capable hands has enhanced my life and my work. Working two businesses, things can get hectic, but I do make time for myself and centering and Jacquelyn is a special part in helping to keep me centered and active and happy.

Albertine van der Heiden

No more sinus infections

About three years ago I was listening to a broadcast of Seeing Beyond and heard Jacquelyn speak. At the time I was suffering from chronic sinus infections and was very discouraged at the limited results I was receiving from antibiotics and the negative effects they had on my system. She spoke a bit on treating sinus infections through acupuncture. Iíd never even known anyone who had tried acupuncture so I was a bit apprehensive. I met with Jacquelyn and felt an instant connection. She began work on me and within a matter of weeks I felt completely better. Iíve had one infection since that time and I am forever grateful to Jacquelyn for her care, treatments and healing hands. As a side benefit I find acupuncture to be one of the most relaxing treatments Iíve ever experienced. The calm atmosphere, relaxing music, gentle treatment and then deep meditation that occurs is amazing. I have recommended Jacquelyn to a number of friends and professional colleagues and will continue to do so.

Deborah McKim
General Manager

Healing and heaven

If you went to the dictionary and looked up the word Healing & Heaven YOU would find Jacquelyn's picture there! I have been looking for an acupuncturist for many years that would be the healer extraordinaire that I needed. MY search is over....Jacquelyn has more talent and love to share for her clients than any other I have ever met. I'm so happy!

Kathleen Ronald

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"I choose to inhabit my days
To allow my living to open me,
To make me less afraid, more accessible,
To loosen my heart,
Until it becomes a wing,
A torch, a promise."
--Dawna Markova from Untitled

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