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Art & Artists

Visionary Art

Emy & Ted Ledbetter create incredible, original paintings inspired by inner visions, sweet dreams and an infectious love of life. Collected internationally, Emy Ledbetter is a gifted artist specializing in Angel, Goddess, Oriental and Native American paintings. I have many works of Emy’s art in my home and office. They are distinctive and beautiful! www.ledbetterart.com

Living Vision Arts

Artist Suzanne Martino refers to her work as collassemblage for it is both collage and assemblage in nature. She works on canvas, and uses acrylic paint and finishes, gemstones, beads, found objects, and original photos to tell her stories. Her forms are often derived from ancient figures and she particularly enjoys finding unifying combinations between unlikely objects. Very affordable and beautiful. Check it out! www.livingvisionarts.com

Wedding Photographer

Ruth Rabinowitz is an awesome wedding photographer located in Santa Cruz, California. She is very professional and creative, shooting weddings across the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Ruth’s person works have been published in textbooks, sold internationally in Canada and Europe and have been displayed in solo and group exhibitions. www.ruthrabinowitz.com

Health and Beauty

Holistic Beauty

Virgina Doran, Licensed Acupuncturist, teaches Facial Rejuvenation to Acupuncturists and is a practitioner in New York. This is an informative site to visit for workshops and facial information.

Facial Rejuvenation Seminars

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, Licensed Acupuncturist is a teacher and a practitioner based in New York. She teaches acupuncturists and practitioners throughout the country. www.chiakra.com

Yoanna Skin Care

Yoanna Kanalakis has full line of skin care products for men and women which are pure, natural and hypoallergenic. She has a non-surgical facelift mask which is great! Yoanna Skin Care specializes in Age-Regressing products and they are available in health food stores, beauty supply stores and pharmacies across the country. www.yoannaskincare.com

Bare Escentuals

Leslie Blodgett, president of Bare Escentuals, carries make-up products. Bare Escentuals, is an innovative concept of beauty that is as much a reflection of body, mind, and soul as it is of outward appearance. I highly recommend checking out both the web site and the products. They are very natural and clean for the skin. Look younger and healthier every day.

Alternative Health

California State Oriental Medical Association

CSOMA has online links, in-depth information and articles on acupuncture. They are located at 2710 X Street, Suite 2A, Sacramento, CA 95818. 1(800) 477-4564. www.csomaonline.org

Reiki, Intuitive Earth Energy Medicine

Jeanine Sande teaches classes for Reiki and intuitive earth-energy medicine. She is a gifted teacher!

Intuitive Artists

Numerology, Psychic Readings & Travel

David Groode is one of the Bay Area's most gifted intuitive counselors with an expertise in shifting energy with tremendous and often miraculous results. As a natural seer, David is also a spiritual mentor, and expert intuitive psychic. David has successfully integrated various traditions and systems of knowledge, including Numerology, Orisa Cosmology, Fourth Way work, and healing knowledge from ancient mystery schools. www.innerprecision.com

Angel Blessings

Kimberly Marooney creates angel collectibles gifts. Her site features the classic angel artwork of the One Million Angel Blessings Bill. She also has cards and books of sacred guidance and inspiration from the angels. She lives in the Santa Cruz area and teaches workshops, classes and lectures all over the U.S.

Intuitive Arts & Sciences

Sally Aderton is an intuitive counselor, teacher and world traveler. She has classes in Alameda, California.

Numerology Readings

Odette Rickert is a psychic numerologist. Odette has a rich and varied background that uniquely prepared her for a career in clairvoyant numerological counseling. She also teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong, practices Reiki and Telepathic Animal Communication and has done direct healing work with dolphins, dogs, cats and horses. Check her site for fairs, talks and classes in the Bay Area.

Psychic and Spiritual Seer

Through her readings, regressions, clearings, seminars and meditation tapes Bay Area psychic, Marge Cuddeback, helps you discover your purpose on earth and how you can best achieve that purpose. Her intuition and her ability to communicate with spirits allows her to reveal where your life is headed and why. She uses knowledge of past lives to reveal the karmas that need to be worked on in this life.


"Seeing Beyond" Radio

Bonnie Coleen hosts a personal-growth and metaphysical talk radio program. Tune in Monday through Wednesday mornings beginning at 7 a.m. on KEST-AM 1450 in San Francisco.

"Bay Area Naturally" Directory

This twice annual publication is in its 16th year of publishing resource directories for healthy living. It publishes individual Natural Pages for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island and the San Francisco Bay Area and is distributed for FREE. Their combined annual circulation is over one million. They provide a valuable community resource for those seeking a healthy, natural, Earth-friendly lifestyle.

Bay Area Professionals

Bay Area Magic Makers

Naomi Caspe (who is also a Licensed Acupuncturist in San Francisco) and Doug Kipping (a fabulous massage therapist) are based in San Francisco. They have a creative company that is dedicated to giving you the best in family entertainment. Their talents have been enjoyed on international tours of Japan and Taiwan, television, promotions, conventions, company picnics, multicultural events, festivals and family celebrations. Using the theatrical arts of clowning, mime, magic and storytelling, they create magic. If you’re having a party, book them together or separate for magic shows and readings. Lots and lots of fun. Check it out.

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"I choose to inhabit my days
To allow my living to open me,
To make me less afraid, more accessible,
To loosen my heart,
Until it becomes a wing,
A torch, a promise."
--Dawna Markova from Untitled

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