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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Acupuncture: What does it feel like? Is it painful?
How long does it take?
Are the needles sterile and safe?

4. How does Qi become blocked or unbalanced?

Acupuncture: What does it feel like? Is it painful?

Many people who have never experienced Acupuncture believe that it's painful. They may even fear that Acupuncture needles will be big like the hollow needles used to inject medicines. Nothing could be farther from the Truth. They are very fine and flexible, producing little or no sensation. Most are about the size of one hair from a horse's mane. A skilled acupuncturist has learned how apply the needles quickly and certainly in what are called "acupoints". You might possibly feel a slight prick for a fraction of a second as it passes through the skin but by and large you will probably feel nothing. Insertion is very shallow and goes in only about 1/4" to 1/2" depending on the area it's applied. Since the needles all go through acupoints in muscle (not nerves), there is very little sensation. (Back to Top)

How long does it take?

The Chinese say that a treatment is done after all acupoints are in place for 20 minutes. Most people, however, prefer at least 35 to 45 minutes to relax and unwind. If you are sensitive, you may even feel the energy in your body begin to tingle as it harmonizes the Qi, balancing your entire body. Many people find themselves so relaxed as the Qi begins to flow, they fall asleep very peacefully. (Back to Top)

Are the needles sterile and safe?

Yes. The government strictly regulates the sterilization procedures used in Acupuncture. The needles are allmanufactured in sterile environments and immediately packaged in individually sealed plastic tubes. Needles are only used once and then safely disposed of in sanitary containers. (Back to Top)

How does the Qi become blocked or unbalanced?

As each of us move through our daily lives and routines, we encounter many variables that can affect the flow of Qi. Here are just a few examples:

  • Poor diet or nutrition from processed foods
  • Pollution from freeways, manufacturing and industry
  • Poor quality drinking water
  • Infections or diseases
  • Injuries at home, work or in sports
  • Auto or motorcycle accidents
  • Excessive dampness
  • Too much cold, wind or heat
  • Worry, anxiety and stress
  • Overuse of certain muscles due to habit or work requirements

Reference: The above information is based on information from The Acupuncture Answer Book: America's Fastest-Growing Health Care Method. Copyright 2001 John Dirk Tousley. White Dove Publishing, Laguna Beach, CA

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