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Acupuncture Fact Sheet

Acupuncture is one of the essential elements of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is a comprehensive health care system encompassing a variety of traditional health care therapies that have been used for more than 5,000 years to diagnosis and treat illness, prevent disease and improve well being.

Acupuncture is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that involves the insertion of thin needles at specific points (acupoints), which are mostly along muscle or nerve pathways.

The TCM theory of acupuncture is based on the premise that there are patterns of energy flow called Qi (pronounced chee) throughout the body. This energy flow is required for good health; blockages in Qi can lead to ill health throughout the body. (All traditional Chinese medicine practices are focused on improving the flow of Qi.)

According to TCM practitioners, the use of acupuncture stimulates certain points in the energy channels, restoring (or maintaining) a healthy flow and balance. TCM practitioners use acupuncture to treat and prevent a range of illnesses, even colds and flu. In the U.S., however, it is also used to relieve chronic pain, usually from musculoskeletal problems. It can be used in conjunction with other, more conventional therapies.

An estimated 15 million Americans have undergone acupuncture, and about a million undergo the treatment each year.

According to a National Institutes of Health consensus panel of scientists, researchers, and practitioners who convened in November 1997, clinical studies have shown that acupuncture is an effective treatment for nausea caused by surgical anesthesia and cancer-related treatments, as well as for dental pain experienced after surgery. The panel also found that acupuncture is useful by itself or combined with conventional therapies to treat addiction, headaches, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, and to assist in stroke rehabilitation, menopause and many more health challenges.

The World Health Organization (WHO), the health branch of the United Nations, lists more than 40 conditions for which acupuncture may be a useful treatment, including Digestive, Abdominal pain, Constipation, Diarrhea, emotional stresses, indigestion, toothache, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, nausea and asthma.

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